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Frequently Asked Questions

We are proud to be among the TOP-1000 Binance Affiliate Members since 2017 and deliver value to the traders by publishing guides and reviews. The cashback offer is our way to say ``thank you`` to our amazing audience

Can I get kickback If I already have a Binance account?

To participate in our program you have to create a new account. Don't worry - fund transfer between accounts is absolutely free

Do I have to reveal my identity to participate in this program?

No, you don't. For the time being Binance does not require identity verification if your trade amount does not exceed 2 BTC a day. You can get your cashback and still trade anonymously as long as you stay within this limit

Does Cashback affect Binance withdrawal fees?

No, our offer is valid only for trading fees

How Cashback affect the trading fees exactly?

The standard Binance trading fees start from 0.1% for both takers and makers. Our offering help even traders to reduce the fee to 0.06%

Are you affiliated with Binance?

Yes, absolutely. We are active participants of the Binance referral program and thus we have an opportunity to provide cashback offer to our community

Do you have access to my personal data?

No, we don't have access to any information about your account activity. All your trading is between you and Binance

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