How the Amazon accept the Bitcoin as their payment?

The cryptocurrency is a digital currency and they are almost used in most of the fields for easy and convenient transaction purposes.

These transactions are secured by the cryptography and they are organized by the decentralized network that is by blockchain technology. Because of this your transaction will be safe and they are impossible to counterfeit.

As one of the world’s well-known retailer the Amazon accepting Bitcoin payment and with make using of these Bitcoin you can purchase anything in the Amazon.

The cryptocurrency is managed by the payment processing company moon and they allowed making use of it in the e-commerce websites. And these cryptocurrency payments can be done through the website extension of the firm.

More than 250 users started to make use of a beta version of extension through using the exchange account in coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. The extension page of the website will pop up the QR code and that will have the lightning invoice.

You can copy and paste this QR code for the payment process and if use the QR cannot code for any of the reasons you can able to pay with any of your favorite lightning wallets.

The truth is that Amazon does not directly accept the Bitcoin for the payment and you can pay with Bitcoin at Amazon because the financial institution that usually helps to convert the Bitcoin to formal authorization for the Amazon merchants that is to receive the payments in authorized currency.

By 2020 through lightening the browser extension will start to work on any e-commerce website and you can pay the crypto directly for the payment process.

The Amazon to support their users they have collaborated with the MasterCard and the Visa card companies and through this, they have reduced the interchange fees that the merchants usually pay at every time they receive the credit card transaction.


The company also handles the interface at the same time they manage the payment channels also. This is one of the brilliant moves through this they can increase their customers count.

There are so many e-website retailers they are trying to integrate the cryptocurrency as one of their payment but as one of the world’s largest e-commerce website this move is predicted to have the best customer service and they will enable the cryptocurrency with the mainstream technology.

Final words

Amazon accepts Bitcoin as one of their payment options and there are so many advantages to making use of cryptocurrency as their payment option.