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How to Use Binance App (iOS and Android) – Full Review

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional full-time trader, crypto enthusiast, or just interested in the world of digital currencies as a part of your hobby. You should be aware of all the market changes to react quickly. And that’s why you should install a Binance app on your smartphone.

Does Binance have an app?

Is there a Binance app? If you have not used the mobile app yet, it is just about the right time to start. You can download the app directly from the App Store, Google Play, or scan this barcode on the official website to get redirected to the right store.

Binance app overview

Binance App is designed for reviewing data and trading at Binance exchange from your device (Android, iOS.)

The opportunity to trade is provided by using the Binance API mechanism which you can get on the official website of the Binance exchange in your profile (more detailed instruction is available in the application itself). Standard API features allow only trading and do not support transferring funds to other wallets – it makes the application safe for you.

Here is a set of features that you can easily access from your mobile gadget:

  • Advanced Trading & Analysis Tools

Access all the trading tools you need right within the app. Binance App supports MACD (Moving Average Convergence/ Divergence), Bollinger Bands, Exponential Moving Average (EMA), and Simple Moving Average (SMA), KDJ and Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicators.

  • Margin Trading

Margin Trading allows you to leverage your digital assets as collateral to borrow funds from the Binance exchange to help create leveraged trading by a margin and provide potential amplified gains within the cryptocurrency’s bear and bull markets.

You can move funds easily from the Margin Wallet to your primary Binance Wallet without any transaction fees. Binance Margin provides the option to choose collaterals from a diverse spread of cryptocurrencies, also enabling you to pay for margin trading fees with Binance Coin (BNB).

  • Crypto Lending

If you want to maximize your gains, Binance’s Lending products allow you to accrue interest & increase your token balance regardless of how the market moves.

  • Supported Assets

Trade everything from Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), EOS, Bitcoin Cash (BCH ABC), Tron (TRX), and other many other crypto tokens. The choice is yours.

  • Secure Portfolio and Wallet Management

Whether you need a Bitcoin Wallet or Ethereum Wallet, you can safely store all your Altcoins on the Binance crypto platform. Your digital assets & funds are protected with world-class security and fraud detection systems.

  • Customer Support

The App has an in-app customer support service available in multiple languages to help you around the clock, with any help you need.

And there is no difference between the two versions of this app, I mean iOS and Android. Both offer the same trading functions, including limit orders and basic chart analysis. Additionally, all coins are there and US traders cannot use either of them (Check my previous article to get a better idea of the difference between Binance and Binance US).

Overall, the application is dedicated to users who appreciate simplicity and convenience. Thanks to the unique interface, it won’t be difficult for any trader to start using Binance App at once.

How to use Binance app for iPhone (iOS)?

It is really easy to do, just like any other app you have on your Apple device. Here are the basic steps that you need to follow in order to install this app and start using it:

  1. Open the app store from your mobile device and enter ‘Binance’ in your search field or just follow this link.
  2. Tap on the Install button.
  3. You’ll also need to have iOS trust the app on your iPhone to run transactions. To do this, open the Settings app, tap on General, and select Device Management or Profiles & Device Management, depending on your version of iOS. 

  4. You should see a new entry for the Binance App developer. Check that the Binance App is marked Verified, then tap Trust to confirm.
  5. Tap Trust again as a final confirmation. A new message will come up saying that the Apps from the Binance App developer are now trusted on your iPhone, which means you can now start using the app to run your Binance account!

You are almost there. All you need to do is to log in to your account within the mobile app by entering your credentials. However, if you don’t have a Binance account, you need to create a new account (I would suggest using your laptop for the registration flow.)

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How to use Binance Android app?

If you prefer using an Android device just like myself, then you need to install this application from the Google Market and here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to Play Market and find the ‘Binance’ app or just follow this link.
  2. Install the app by clicking on the Install button.
  3. Open the app after it was installed.
  4. You already have access to the basic information like crypto markets prices as well as live Futures and Options markets.

Time to log in to the app using our regular Binance credentials and start your trading operations. If you are not registered with the exchange yet, use this referral link to create your account and get a 45% discount for your trading fees.

How to use Binance app to buy and sell crypto?

So now you are all set up and can start using the mobile app for your regular trading operations. There are 5 different tabs at the bottom of your screen:

  • Home

This is where your account’s balance, prices for cryptos, and volumes traded information. Being on the Home page in the top left corner you will spot My Account menu where you will find your account information, settings, support, and chat options as well as information about the transaction fees.)

  • Markets

Here you can find live changes to coins’ values in combination with the main pair – BTC, BNB, ALTS, ETH and Fiat

  • Trade

This is where you can buy and sell your crypto.

  • Futures

This where you can buy/sell futures and Buy Call and Buy Put options as well as viewing basic analytics.

  • Wallet

Here is your online wallet where you can check out your balance

Trading on Binance app

Now you are all set up and can start using the Binance to buy/sell cryptocurrency:

1. Choose trading pair

As with any other trading platform, you get to choose a trading pair. There are tons of other options for you to choose from, including BTC, LTC, ETH, and many other pairings.

2.Select the type of order

Binance app offers two main types of order, buy (long) or sell (short). In addition, you have three functions:

  • Limit Order (traders set the price for the order)
  • Market Order (current price in the market)
  • Stop-limit (a stop-loss function)

3. Press BUY to execute the order.

All you need to do is to tap “Buy” for a position to go live. Once you feel you have obtained an acceptable level of profit (or loss), tap “Close” to liquidate the position.

Is Binance app safe?

Overall, Binance is one of the most secure exchanges in the market at this point. Their wallet services are secure and safe, their mobile app is secure as well. Binance is a safe option for cryptocurrency traders and users and is probably one of the safest bets out there.

Binance app pros and cons

Personally I use the Android app on my Google Pixel phone and I like the freedom I get by using it on the go instead of staying at home with my MacBook to check the recent update of the market trends and to place an order not to lose the opportunity.

Another positive feature comparing to the web version is that the mobile app has a better speed and all the pages including analytics are updated in less than a second. And I hate waiting for 5 seconds for the new page to load.

And the last feature that I really love about the app is a simple user-friendly interface. It is so easy to navigate between the tabs and manage my orders.

But nothing is perfect in this life. So let’s be honest, every software has bugs. This is the reality. The Binance app has been around for almost 3 years and they have fixed all the critical bugs. However, from time to time you do come across some minor stuff. At the same time, the app is constantly being updated, the old bugs are fixed and the new features are added.


  1. Fast trading decisions & analysis
  2. Instant access to altcoin markets
  3. Convenient when away from the computer
  4. User-friendly interface


  1. Limited charts and charting tools
  2. Not convenient for large trades and deep market analysis
  3. Minor bugs


The Binance exchange trading app is easy to use with many crypto trading markets available for trading. Investing in cryptocurrency and is extremely easy in-app to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, etc with many payment options available. And now you can do it from any place just using your mobile device.