Сan’t register on Binance? Here is a solution!

Would you like to get an account and start trading crypto coins, but for some reason, you can’t register on Binance? To be honest, one of the best crypto exchanges usually works great. But like any software, it might have some minor issues from time to time (especially when there is a new system update!)

Let’s review the possible issues and which is more important, the solutions.

Why can’t I register on Binance?

Let’s start by reviewing the possible reasons why someone may not be able to register with Binance.

  1. The website is temporarily unavailable
    You are trying to open the Binance website to create your account, but nothing happens and you just keep getting an error page. No matter what browser or device you are using. Most probably the website is down and nobody can’t reach it. That’s a super rare case, but there is still such a possibility. Most probably, there is a server maintenance time. Just wait for an hour and then try it again.
  2. You are an American resident
    The platform has implemented restrictions for U.S. passport holders worldwide and those based in the country. Due to US legislation, Binance has opened a dedicated U.S. exchange.

    The global exchange does not permit U.S. passport holders to sign up for its global service. That’s according to the company’s updated terms and conditions — “Binance is unable to provide services to any U.S. person.”

  3. Temporarily disable new user registrations
    A few years ago when Binance became too popular and had tons of new users every day, that their system could not manage that amount. So they had to temporarily disable new user registration so that existing members can use their website. Meanwhile, they have updated their infrastructure. Since then there were no complaints like that as the platform has enriched its capacities to manage the growing number of users.
  4. Browser settings
    Sometimes you may have activated certain blockers/extensions/add-ons on your browser that they will prevent you from the normal registration flow as you might be missing certain information or step.

How to register to Binance?

1. Go to the registration page and enter your email and password. If you use our referral link or promo code N7HTYTIN during the registration, you can save 45% on your trading fees forever. Your Cashback will be automatically applied to your account.

  • Email. You should provide your personal valid email address in order to be able to receive a confirmation email and restore your password in the future.
  • Password. It must contain a minimum of 8 characters, at least 1 UPPER CASE, and at least 1 number.

Use our referral link or promo code N7HTYTIN during the registration, you can save 45% on your trading fees forever.

2. Check the box next to «I am over age 18, and I agree to Binance’s Terms» and only then you can click «Create account».

3. The platform security system may show you an additional check that you are a real person, not a robot. You may be asked to move the puzzle to the right place with the slider at the bottom (left-click and hold the slider itself).

4. Verify your email. All you need to do is open the mailbox, click on the letter from the exchange, and then click the orange button “Verify Email”.

5. Your Financial account is activated and ready to go. This means that you can log in and start trading in cryptocurrency.

And here are the possible solutions to the above-mentioned problems with registration.

What should I do if Binance won’t let me register

  • The US-based users
    You can either switch to Binance US or continue to use the service by browsing the site with a VPN. Binance allows its users to sign up for a limited account without KYC — i.e. providing verification documents like a passport copy that allows crypto-only trading but limits withdrawals to two Bitcoin per day.
  • Edit your browser settings
    Check if you have push notifications disabled. You need to turn them on in case the platform decided to check if you are a robot or not. And you may not even know or see this required step.
  • Check your browser language
    Sometimes the might be an issue with the top browser language. If the platform does not support your country language (you can see the list of supported languages in the top-right corner), try to set English as the 1st language of your browser.
  • Change the browser

    If you are using some old version of Internet Explorer that you have not updated for a long time, it may not be supported by the exchange. You should either have the newest version of the browser or try a different browser like Google Chrome.


Binance is a great place for crypto trading for many reasons. And you should be able to register there. In case you have some issues, you will probably find the right solution from our list.

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