What is Binance Collectibles

Binance collectibles

Winning rewards is always pleasant, and the world’s most popular exchange decided to provide its customers with this exciting experience by offering Binance collectibles. However, not all blockchain enthusiasts have already taken advantage of them. The main reason for that is a lack of information about what Binance collectibles are and how you can benefit from them.

Look: this article focuses on the definition of Binance Collectibles, their nature, and how to get them.

What is Binance collectibles

Binance Collectibles are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent a unique asset and aren’t interchangeable. These NFTs are released by Binance in collaboration with Enjin on special occasions. These tokens serve as a means of rewarding Binance users and followers for their promotion and exploration of the exchange services.

What makes Binance Collectibles different from others is its holiday themes. They are released in limited collections and are given for participation in different campaigns. Users can make a small investment to try their luck and get precious prizes for that. What kind of contests were there? Binance Collectibles were given to winners of the following campaign types:

  • Giving fractions of BNB token to people with non-exchange address;
  • Making valid trades;
  • Inviting friends to open an account on an exchange;
  • Sharing a hashtag;
  • Creating tweets etc.

The collection of these NFTs is already quite big and all of them have different levels of rarity and eligibility requirements. However, it is possible to participate in one of the Binance giveaways only if you meet the following requirements:

  1. Download a wallet to support ETH.
  2. Provide your ETH address according to the giveaway rules.
  3. Wait for the result. If you win any of these collectibles, you will see them under the special tab in your wallet. You can hold this reward or sell it in the respective marketplace.

Where to buy Binance collectibles

It is possible to win Binance Collectibles participating in the contests organized by the exchange or purchase them on popular marketplaces. There are two major platforms that trade these collectibles: OpenSea and Enjin.

OpenSea is the world’s largest digital marketplace to trade crypto-collectibles and NFTs. It allows buying, selling, and discovering new and exclusive digital assets easily and quickly. Binance Collectibles offered there are divided into 3 groups including Recently listed, Newly Minted, and On Auction NFTs for a faster search.

Enjin is a Binance partner and a company that works on the creation of advanced virtual economies through the power of blockchain technology. It has its own marketplace where users can find Binance Collectibles in particular.
People who want to follow the future releases and drops of new collections can access the NFT Calendar and be one of the first to learn about that.


User engagement is crucial for every online business, so it is not surprising that Binance has found an exclusive way to increase it via Binance Collectibles. These limited-edition rewards have become an incentive for many people to try their luck and contribute to the development of the exchange as well. These crypto-collectibles are precious things that can be exchanged for money, and this is the main benefit that attracts people’s attention. No wonder the popularity of this reward program is growing, and there are investors who agree to buy these NFTs hoping for their growth too.